Points reward for product review:

  • Once your review is approved and published, you will receive 30 store credit points (worth $3). We will reward up to 3 reviews per month per customer, totaling 90 points (worth $9)
  • You could use the points for your purchase and if you need to apply return/refund for order using points, the amount of your order paid by points could only be refunded in points.

We have an additional reward program for extra points if you found us on Facebook. Please contact our customer service team for more information: [email protected] 

Guidelines for Product Reviews

Reviews are intended to help customers make informed decisions about products. In order to make your Reviews as useful as possible, we encourage you to follow the guidelines below when writing a review:

  • To ensure that product reviews reflect actual Chicwish products and their use, customers can only write product reviews for products they have purchased from Chicwish using the same Chicwish account.
  • Please do not write Reviews to address order-related enquiries or issues. If you have concerns about your order, please contact our Customer Service team.
  • Focus on the product and your individual experience in your review. Explain why you like or dislike the product, and be as clear as possible. The more detailed you are, the more helpful your review will be to readers.
  • Recommended review length is 275-2,500 characters (50-300 words) in English.
  • Minimum review length is 60 characters including spaces for English. Reviews shorter than the indicated minimum will not be accepted.
  • Complete every mandatory area of the review form. Partially completed forms will not be processed.
  • You can upload images to support your product reviews. You must own the rights to any images that you upload to Chicwish.com.
  • Please upload images in the following file formats and size: GIF, JPG or PNG sized 10MB or less.
  • Valid reviews only need to be submitted once. Most reviews will be manulally reviewed before approved and published. 
  • All submitted reviews are subject to the terms set forth in our terms of service.
  • Chicwish reserves the right to remove any reviews, or to change these Review Guidelines, without prior notice. Should there be any disputes, Chicwish’s decision is final.